Raphael O Shonibare

The City of Liberty – Dialogue

Queen Rona and her armies reach the city gates. The shepherd seals Liberty off to protect his sheep. He hides them and scorches the land, so the queen would find nothing worth fighting for. But Rona’s agents are already in the city, and have begun attacking the shepherd’s flock. A sheep pleads with the shepherd. […]

Rivalry – Dialogue

Man consumes all he can. And then Death appears, fuming. ‘Why isn’t my harvest ready?’ he rages. ‘Why do I always have to wait?’ Disease overhears the complaint and creeps upon the man, mocking his rival. ‘Don’t be angry, old friend,’ he sneers. ‘I’ll take over from here.’ Disease ravages the man while Death stands […]

I Shan’t

Shall I tell you what love is? I shan’t I shan’t tell you, love is gentle, love is kind Or even that love is blind I shan’t tell you, love is the key to your heart Such smooth words won’t make it start I shan’t tell you, love is sacrifice, love is pain And without […]

How Will I Die?

How will I die? In war, in peace, or in a lie I squeal from the pain that I hide In the ears of my soul, I confide As I lay, I toss and turn side to side Pillow soaked with the tears from my eyes I hear a whisper in my ear, and I […]