About Raphael O Shonibárè

Author Raphael O Shonibárè

Born in London - England, my love for writing began at the age of twelve, a time I imagined I'd end up with a degree in English Literature. That was not to be, however - Instead, I graduated with a degree in Botany.

Subsequent to the financial crash of 2008, the loss of a business, followed by a long period of deep reflection, I decided there would not be a better time to realize my passion for storytelling. The risk was great. Notwithstanding, in 2013, I began writing my debut novel and short stories.

Julian: a spy thriller, sci-fi and fantasy collection is the second edition of my debut short story collection published in 2018.

Much of my works are inspired by dreams, which I record in journals.

In addition to writing fiction, I write poetry and songs.